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0003437unrealircdpublic2007-11-24 23:26
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Summary0003437: localhost should be cloaked
DescriptionBrain insists it's invalid, but I don't like people on my network knowing someone is connecting from a localhost... This creates issues like "zomg, I want access to use IRC too!"

Unlike Unreal 3.*, 4 should probably cloak the actual localhost IP in instead of "localhost" itself.
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2007-07-13 15:13

reporter   ~0014479

Indeed, I don't much like doing special case stuff like this. But just at looking at the code, it almost seems like it's because the cloak module is just doing a "find the domain by top two parts, or is the whole thing if less than two parts". Which really isn't the correct way to find out what the domain is. In reality it should go more like:

localhost => clk-ABEHFLJ # Also means if we had a private DNS server that resolved LAN ips as simple names (eg -> "bob") they get cloaked correctly. => # Hide the server if there's no subdomain. => # With subdomain, leave main server name alone. => # Intelligently know how deep a TLD goes, like etc. => lkjf.dfsdkfj.sfsd.IP # IP, module doesn't do it like this, of course. It should, since that's the unreal way ;) .


2007-11-24 23:26

reporter   ~0014831

This got fixed in revision 242 (there was a check copy-pasted from Insp m_cloaking.cpp that still kept it from cloaking one-part hosts which was removed in the process of fixing something else).

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