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0003439unrealmodule apipublic2007-11-24 23:14
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Summary0003439: tweak
DescriptionWhen using the "set" action, have a nick variable for the user's nick...

Something like:
<hostchange mask="*@*" action="set" value="">

%n would become the users nick (of course without non-RFC characters), the result should be "" (if the user is connecting with "SomeNick")
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child of 0003417 closed TODO list for Unreal4.0 



2007-07-13 15:17

reporter   ~0014480

Actually it almost looks like insp's standard of placeholders is more like:

$nick - nickname
$ident - username
$host - hostname
$vhost - vhost/cloak host (should seperate these like u3, will post seperate bug on this probably)

See the m_alias stuff for what I mean.

Could probably change this as part of making u4 more like u3.


2007-07-30 10:16

reporter   ~0014628

The only thing i'd like added to this module, would be the option to make a specific placeholder lowercase, like changing nicknames like 'CuttingEdge' to 'cuttingedge'. Makes it easier for these placeholders to integrate into a lowercase-only hostname for those that are fussy like me. :-)

Example implementation would be something like:

If that doesn't suffice, i'd suggest adding another setting like:


2007-11-24 23:14

reporter   ~0014822

Added in revision 243

- Added support for $nick and $lnick (lower-case nick) in m_hostchange when setting the host (doesn't currently work for using the suffix/prefix hosts), requested by Bugz (0003439).

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