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0003449unrealircdpublic2009-07-24 01:06
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Product Version4.0-devel 
Summary0003449: Bug allowing regular users to /stats <any>
DescriptionWhile playing with InspIRCd I discovered that contrary to what the documentation implies, you can not set <options userstats=""> to prevent the use of all /stats. Instead you must use <options userstats=" "> (please note that is a space between the quotes). This may cause confusion for the end user, as common sense may dicated that simply not setting this value wouldn't allow any /stats (as per the implications of the official InspIRCd documentation).

I've marked this bug as major due to it's possible security issues, and suggest disallowing /stats completely to be the absolute default.
Steps To ReproduceSimply define <options userstats="">
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child of 0003417 closed TODO list for Unreal4.0 



2007-07-15 22:01

reporter   ~0014501

I should point out u3's behavior was the opposite: allow all stats by default, you had to list which ones to disable.

I kind of like the idea of denying all by default, and allowing specific ones, as it means module-added stats don't require adjusting config files if it's suppoed to be operonly.

Yes, "" (empty string) should equal deny all since that makes sense, but an argument could be made for absent meaning no stats denied as being u3 behavior.


2007-07-22 19:42

reporter   ~0014555

second this, esp as I believe I had asked for this in a separate bug report for 3.2

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