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0003491unrealircdpublic2019-07-18 18:39
ReporterJumboAssigned Tosyzop 
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PlatformOSwin32OS Versionxp sp 2
Product Version4.0-devel 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0003491: report channel
Descriptiona new mode for report channel

* only IRCops can set this mode

:-- scenario 1 --:

assumes +M is a new mode
when +M is set

channel op and voices can receive all messages
however, users without op or voices will only be able to receive messages from channel op and voices

:-- senario 2 --:

assumes +D is a new mode
when +D is set

which means> "+D #ircops" is set on #report

all messages send to this channel will be diverted to #ircops without showing at #report

where mode "+D #ircops" is shown to channel operators and ircops
and mode "+D" only is shown to non-channel operators
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Shining Phoenix

2007-07-31 04:34

reporter   ~0014630

mu = Celebrity chat mode

This mode combination is special.
If you are not a channel op(+o or higher), /names #channel only shows channel ops
If you are not a channel op and not an IRCop, /who #channel only shows channel ops
This has the effect of hiding non-ops in the channel from each other
Ops can update their view by typing /names #Channel after they are set +o
Non-ops can reveal their presence to other non-ops by speaking
When m is combined with u, messages that would be blocked by m are sent to channel ops(+o and higher) by IRC.


<IRC> Kisara: Hi

The messages sent by IRC are not affected by other channel modes, except for n and M.


2007-11-29 19:14

administrator   ~0014870

version=>4.0. Not something for Unreal32, I'll leave it to the U4 guys to decide if they want this...


2007-12-05 04:07

reporter   ~0014885

Could be worth pointing out that +M is taken by a form of +m where registered nicks are able to talk anyhow


2019-07-18 18:39

administrator   ~0020789

Not much interest in this / not for us.

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