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0003513unrealircdpublic2007-09-02 21:22
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Product Version4.0-devel 
Fixed in Version4.0-devel 
Summary0003513: Extend chanrec::IsBanned (so we can have extbans)
DescriptionThe chanrec::IsBanned provides only simplistic implementation of ban checking, eg, if a n!u@h mask matches in the channel. In order to implement extended bans of any form, IsBanned will need at least two things:

- Able to identify the type of action taken that is causing a ban check (eg: JOIN, NICK, PRIVMSG).
- Able to call it module code before doing a normal check of a ban entry. Includes allowing the module to say "don't do a normal mask check".

The first issue, I've considered:
- Unreal 3's style: use named constants BANCHK_JOIN, etc. Advantage: no string compares. Disadvantage: modules have to fight over unique values, or we have to make a provider for it. Probably the best option, performance-wise.
- Something closer to how insp does assorted things, namely: use text strings. Advantage: no fighting over uniqueness, if they just use their cmd name. Disadvantage: string compares, with all the slowdowns that can involve . Especially if some extbans want to check against several different command names (eg a ~q would need to trap PRIVMSG and NOTICE - double whammy, though we can avoid it with using non-command names like 'MESSAGE').
- Other ideads?

For the second issue:

Either built-in check for extended ban syntax ('~', something, ':'), or a hook that is triggered for every ban checked (that way module can provide the extban system, and other modules can do things to a specific ban check that don't strictly relate to extended bans). The latter is probably preferred.
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2007-08-11 22:44

reporter   ~0014719

I should probably add: the existing IsBanned can stay as-is so we have compatibility, and we make an extended version of it (probably IsBanned(userrec* user, std::string/const char* checktype) or IsBanned(userrec* user, int checktype), or whatever.


2007-09-02 21:22

reporter   ~0014750

Implemented in SVN 222

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