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0003519unrealircdpublic2007-08-27 12:16
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Product Version4.0-devel 
Summary0003519: Implement @merge config directive
DescriptionWhen the config transformations meet a @merge config directive on form:

@merge block-name;

it will merge all blocks with this block-name into one.

for instance:


@merge set;
set { // some defaults; };


include "features/default.conf";

set { // override some of the defaults };

to the IRCd the set {} block will look as if it is one tag.

Conflict resolution in the case of two matching key's (key "value"; ) in block, is the the latest setting is the one that wins.
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2007-08-21 03:07

reporter   ~0014732

I'm not sure how useful this feature would be. There's already default values defined in ServerConfig::Read (configreader.cpp, line 629) which are overridden in blocks actually defined in the config file.

The way I see it, the defaults.conf purpose is to let the user define values which differ from the hard-coded default values. But if they want to do that, wouldn't they just add it into unrealircd.conf?

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