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0003530unrealdocumentationpublic2015-07-09 19:31
Reportercraftsman Assigned Tosyzop  
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Platformi386OSFreeBSDOS Version6.2
Product Version3.2.7 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha3 
Summary0003530: add warn and aliases in docs.
Description[action] specifies the action to be taken (only 1 action can be specified)
kill kills the user
tempshun shuns the current session of the user (if [s]he reconnects the shun is gone)
shun puts a shun on the host
kline puts a kline on the host
gline puts a gline on the host
zline puts a zline on the host
gzline puts a gzline (global zline) on the host
block block the message only
dccblock mark the user so (s)he's unable to send any DCCs
viruschan part all channels, join set::spamfilter::virus-help-channel, disables all commands except PONG, ADMIN, and msg/notices to set::spamfilter::virus-help-channel

warn warn for IRC Operators

single the option needs warn.

aliases/ircservices.conf (IRCServices, Daylight)
aliases/epona.conf (Epona)
aliases/anope.conf (Anope)
aliases/auspice.conf (Auspice)
aliases/generic.conf (Magick, Sirius, Wrecked)
aliases/cygnus.conf (Cygnus)
aliases/operstats.conf (OperStats)
aliases/genericstats.conf (GeoStats, NeoStats)

aliases/aliases.conf (Aliases, Identify, Register, Services).

not is necessary to indicate that aliases.conf exists?.
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2015-07-09 19:31

administrator   ~0018449

ok in 3.4.x docs

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