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0003560unrealircdpublic2015-08-08 17:55
Reporterdanieldg Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformamd64OSLinuxOS Version2.6.22
Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.4-beta2 
Summary0003560: Channel ops desyncing on collided nicks after a server sync
DescriptionA nick colliding during a server sync will cause the winner of the collision to rejoin channels without getting channel ops on the new server. This is because the nick is joined to the channel using JOIN rather than SJOIN, and the corresponding MODE opping the user is not sent.
Steps To ReproduceBefore the link, danieldg is op in #opers on both sides. The user on my service has a later timestamp and is expected to lose the collision.

Following is debug output from my service:

OUT@u1 & danieldg 3 !17RKzv me 0::1 insp.janus 0 +oHxt AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ== :Why don't you ask me?
OUT@u1 ~ !17RKTM #opers :@danieldg
IN@u1 :irc1.testnet SMO o :(link) Link irc1.testnet -> hub.janus[@0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1.43876] established
IN@u1 & danieldg 1 !17RKmx me localhost 1 0 +iowghaAxN * X-AA56C749 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ== :Why don't you ask me?
IN@u1 ~ !17RKTM #opers :@danieldg
IN@u1 ) #opers danieldg !17TLlz :test
IN@u1 AO 4 1198876163 2309 MD5:690ff359d2155fb7a91187907d314fd0 0 0 0 :TestNet
IN@u1 :irc1.testnet ES
IN@u1 :irc1.testnet KILL danieldg :irc1.testnet (Nick Collision)
IN@u1 & danieldg 1 !17RKmx me localhost 1 0 +iowghaAxN * AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAQ== :Why don't you ask me?
IN@u1 :danieldg C #opers
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2007-12-28 22:04

reporter   ~0014939

Didn't notice this before, but I am sending "PROTOCTL NOQUIT TOKEN NICKv2 CLK NICKIP SJOIN SJOIN2 SJ3 VL NS UMODE2 TKLEXT SJB64", and the second introduction of the nick does not include the cloak information


2015-08-08 17:55

administrator   ~0018641

Fixed with nickid & kill recode in 3.4-beta2. (the reported issue)

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