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0003620unrealdocumentationpublic2015-07-09 19:30
Reporterfez Assigned Tosyzop  
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Platformx86OSLinuxOS Version2.4.x
Product Version3.2.7 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha4 
Summary0003620: /rehash documentation updates
DescriptionJust a request to update documentation to include the "hidden" /rehash -dns and /rehash -ssl features.

/rehash -dns = re-initializes c-ares DNS resolver (reloads DNS servers)
/rehash -ssl = re-initialized OpenSSL

Also note:
now that i found these "hidden" /rehash features, are there bugs?
E.g., if a DNS resolution is in progress (new connection just accepted), and you do a /rehash -dns right at that instant, will the resolver crash?
If you have a new SSL connection pending, will a /rehash -SSL cause SSL to crash?

Or, is it that these secret flags are intentionally secret (for developers only, for the reasons stated above) and should not be documented?
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2008-02-11 04:49

reporter   ~0015077

I don't think -dns will crash if the ircd has just accepted a connection, but we should check that out anyway.

The -ssl is new in 3.2.7, so there hasn't been much of a chance to add it to the documentation.


2015-07-09 19:30

administrator   ~0018448

I think the 3.4 documentation is fully up to date on this. Probably 3.2 was earlier as well. Anyway, is done.

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