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0003635unrealircdpublic2008-02-14 17:12
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Product Version3.2.7 
Summary0003635: Listing channels with modes
DescriptionSomeone mentioned on the forum he would like to be able to list channels with/without a mode.

It shouldn't be hard to put in WHO-like listings to do modes. An idea for this would be:

for searching channels with +r

for searching channels without +r
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Shining Phoenix

2008-02-14 07:01

reporter   ~0015134

Hmm, why not go the whole nine yards? :p

/list +m +r-n <--- channels that have r but not n
/list -m +r-n <--- channels with +rn or -rn or -r+n
/list +q <--- channels which have a +q'ed user in there

So for example, during a netsplit one might do "/list +m +o-aq" to find channels that have ops but not admins or owners. Some of these channels might have people opped by the split, so then you might want to -o those people and +v/h/o/a/q the people who normally have it to restore a sense of normality and/or reduce the chaos.

e.g. "/list +m -mMn" to find people who might need help learning how to run a channel.

e.g. "/list +m +mu-M" to find people who've stumbled upon that undocumented mode combination.

e.g. "/list +b >10" to find channels whose ops set so many bans they probably could do with some help.

So, in my opinion this feature would be a way for finding people who need help. Someone who likes helping other might like it :)


2008-02-14 17:12

reporter   ~0015137

I'd prefer to keep the current LIST format, which is LIST [searchchar<operator><param>] [chanmask]

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