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0003692unrealircdpublic2019-07-18 18:40
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PlatformOSWindows XP SP2OS VersionNT 5.1
Product Version3.2.7 
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Summary0003692: Suggestion: Setting a default kick reason
Descriptionif you kick someone out of a channel without reason your own nickname will apear as the reason, BigSmoke just kicked Blah (BigSmoke) I think this should be configable like:


*/ this would be by default the kickers nickname */

anyway this is VERY minor but it is just a idea to make the IRCD better :P

Steps To ReproduceKick someone without a reason
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3rd party modules



2008-05-11 22:22

reporter   ~0015292

Good idea.


2008-05-17 07:10

reporter   ~0015294



2008-05-23 21:39

reporter   ~0015297

I don't see why not, you can do quit's and what not.


2009-07-23 18:04

reporter   ~0015889

This may be better off done in a module, and shouldn't be too hard to make a module detect the missing reason and call the KICK command with the custom reason defined in the set block.

Can anyone provide a situation or reason where its use would be practical across all the channels of a network?


2010-03-01 20:16

reporter   ~0016045

Last edited: 2010-04-12 02:55

Stealth... on a moderated chat environment, such like the ones that I run.
DarkPhantom has just kicked TestSubject (You have been kicked from #Channel)

Although it could easily be attained by making a script for mIRC
Kick:/kick $active $1 You have kicked from $active

and you could go on to add [Issued by $me $+ ] so the person knows who kicked him/her.

EDIT: Corrected bad identifiers


2019-07-18 18:40

administrator   ~0020790

I don't think this is useful.

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