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0003800unrealdocumentationpublic2009-01-24 10:51
Reporterjames2vegas Assigned Tosyzop  
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Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.2.8 
Summary0003800: incorrect description of wildcard matching
Descriptionaccording to doc/unreal32docs.html and wildcard '?' matches '... the expression, "a?c" matches an "a" followed by any character (or no character), followed by a "c."'. This is incorrect, glob(3), fnmatch(3), bourne derived shells, and the single unix specification @ agree that '?' matches a single character, not 0 or 1 characters. In terms of shell wildcards, what you are looking for is ?(?), a specific case of ?(pattern|...|pattern), but this is only available to the shell and not in glob.
Steps To Reproduce$ mkdir -p test/a{b,c,d,e,}f
$ ls test/
abf acf adf aef af
$ ls -d test/a?f
test/abf test/acf test/adf test/aef
$ ls -d test/a?(?)f
test/abf test/acf test/adf test/aef test/af
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2009-01-19 09:31

administrator   ~0015692

That section is about regular expressions, not about glob-style matching.


2009-01-19 09:45

reporter   ~0015695

sure, but the referenced sentence is talking about wildcard '?', unless you're saying that regex '?' means any character or no character, when it means 0 or 1 of the previous character. the example is 'a?c' as a wildcard: 'matches an "a" followed by any character (or no character), followed by a "c."', which is not regex behaviour but an (incorrect) description of wildcard behaviour, which should be, 'matches an "a", followed by any single character, followed by a "c".'


2009-01-19 09:53

administrator   ~0015698

Sorry, now reading the exact part you meant, I can see what you mean. Wildcard ? is indeed not 0 or more but exactly 1 character.


2009-01-19 10:09

administrator   ~0015701

Fixed in .741:
- Updated regex documentation in unreal32docs, it had some incorrect
  statements regarding wildcards. Reported by james2vegas (0003800).

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