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0003849unrealircdpublic2009-12-22 14:55
Reporternephilim Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.8 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC1 
Summary0003849: Log function for kline does not work.
DescriptionIn the latest stable versions, the entry in the logblock for logging kline actions produces nothing in the logfiles. I don't know how long this is has been a problem, since I've only noticed it today.

A friend of mine, who is running 3.2.7, also has this problem.
Steps To ReproduceAdd this block to the config:

log "kline.log" {
        maxsize 2097152;
        flags {
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3rd party modules



2009-07-23 17:39

reporter   ~0015885

Changed summary from "Log function for kline/gline does not work."

There are 2 different log flags, one for klines and one for other TLK actions (spamfilters, glines, etc).


2009-07-23 17:42

reporter   ~0015886

It appears as though the kline flag doesn't need to log anything... klines are logged with the TKL flag.


2009-07-23 18:56

reporter   ~0015891

That was indeed the flag that we were looking for. Though it was not in the documentation at the time..

What does the kline flag do then?


2009-07-23 18:58

reporter   ~0015892

At the current time the kline flag does nothing at all. My best guess is it has been left for any modules which may use the kline flag for their own logging.


2009-07-23 19:07

reporter   ~0015893

ow alright. In that case, the 'bug' seems to be solved in the meaning of that we were using the wrong flag.



2009-12-22 14:54

administrator   ~0015981

- Removed log target 'kline' from documentation, as it didn't do anything
  (use 'tkl' instead). Reported by nephilim and Stealth (0003849).

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