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Summary0003921: auto-join delay
DescriptionAn option to set a delay would be great for auto-join and oper-auto-join. Perhaps even an override, to allow an auto-join to a channel whose modes normally wouldn't permit it.
Additional Information# example:

set {
    auto-join "#chan1,#chan2";
    auto-join-delay 1s;
    auto-join-override yes;

# or

set {
    auto-join {
        channels "#chan1,#chan2";
        delay 1s;
        override yes;
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3rd party modules



2010-08-26 04:37

reporter   ~0016315

Why is a delay needed?


2010-11-17 18:06

administrator   ~0016423

Indeed, why?


2011-03-04 11:19

reporter   ~0016608


To allow SCANS like BOPM do their job before the flooder arrives in the auto-joined chan


2011-03-04 15:37

reporter   ~0016609

spamfilters and using modes like +f and +j in set::modes-on-join can handle spammers and flooders. Example: * rock.*.com sets mode +f #testing [5c#C5,8j#R5,15m#M5,3n#N5]:20

My concern will be if I connect to a net and join my own channels then I get sjoined I'm going to wonder which IRCop force joined me. Inexperienced users will simply be confused. All because someone wants to wait 30 seconds on a delayed force join.


2011-03-04 17:00

reporter   ~0016610

If we are talking about confusion then mode +f #testing [5c#C5,8j#R5,15m#M5,3n#N5]:20 is also confusing

When a join flooder arrived then mode is set to +R for 5 minutes. Unless a chanop remove the +R, inexperienced non-registered users will also be confused when left out.

Anyway, nobody will set delay join to 30 secs. We want to just to let everything about connection loaded (BOPM), let people see that there is a motd, let their scripts join their own auto-join chan, then at last let them enter the network auto-join channel after 10 sec or so.

They don't wait, there are actions :-)


2011-03-04 17:23

reporter   ~0016611

Last edited: 2011-03-04 17:25

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1> Who in their right mind sets +R because of a single flooder?! That's totally newbie.
2> You can't say no one will set 30s delay, you can't speak for the hundreds of other nets that use Unreal.
3> the server admin configures unreal to auto-set those modes when the channel is created, that is what set::modes-on-join does. Server admins are expected to know what they are doing. We use it on our network and not a single ChanOp has been confused.
4> motd's can and are blocked by clients and even if they don't, waiting 10seconds will not make the user read the motd.
5> You are thinking in the convenience of your network and it's needs, I on the other hand am thinking of the needs of every Unreal network.

IMVHO, this is rather annoying for a feature. There are many users that leave networks that use forced join to start with and I think that adding a delay to it will cause a huge negative reaction.


2011-03-04 17:36

reporter   ~0016612

I don't know where the point is annoying.

People are asked to wait 30sec just for the auto-joined chan, not for all chan. So once connected, even 0,1 secs after being connected, they can do like they always do. They can open their usual chan, do whatever.

The point is to not show the auto-join chan set by the server admin right away, but maybe after few secs... and even after few minutes if you like that.

So there are options:

1. You don't have an auto-join chan so it's ok, you are not interested on auto-join delay. You just don't set the auto-join.
2. You have an auto-join chan but you want it to show right away (like what it is now if you set the auto-join)
3. You have an auto-join chan but you don't want it to show right away because you want people to use their favorite chans etc first... then later on show your auto-join chan (for any reason)

So I don't know where is the problem.

If you do not set it, there is no problem for you because it will not even use resources.


2011-03-27 23:40


unrealircd.conf (20,816 bytes)


2011-03-27 23:50

reporter   ~0016628

Last edited: 2011-03-27 23:52

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set {
    auto-join "#sarnevesht,#jupiter";
    auto-join-delay 1s;
    auto-join-override yes;

# or

set {
    auto-join {
        channels "#sarnevesht,#jupiter";
        delay 1s;
        override yes;


2014-04-11 06:49

reporter   ~0018132

yes, please, very useful request, not only for comfort for my users while joining
server, but also to do /sethost before appear on auto-joing channel with real ip..



2019-10-14 15:26

administrator   ~0020974

Going through old bug reports.
This bug report is more than 9 years old. Today I'm no longer considering this request, simply because nowadays it's no longer necessary:
* We have blacklist checking in UnrealIRCd 4 and later, together with the default handshake delay of 2 seconds this gives time for DNSBL checks to kill the user before the auto-join
* BOPM/HOPM is hardly in use anymore, only a few networks still run active scans
* We have connthrottle nowadays in UnrealIRCd 4.2.x, together with the reputation module, they will prevent massive connect floods and keep things "managable"

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