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0003925unrealinstallingpublic2010-11-17 18:09
Reporterwarg Assigned To 
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OSLinux & BSD 
Product Version3.2.8 
Summary0003925: curlinstall broken
Descriptionwhen using curlinstall script, curl.h is non existent in $HOME/curl/include, and this causes unreal's compile to fail. This is probably on the curl vendor end, but a simple fix is doable - patch attached.
Steps To Reproduceusing c-ares-1.7.3
using curl-7.21.0

run the ./curlinstall as documented, then try to compile unreal.

ircd.c:75:23: error: curl/curl.h: No such file or directory
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duplicate of 0003656 resolvedsyzop Include curl for automatic detection and configuration with Unreal 
related to 0003931 resolvedohnobinki ircd no longer compiles with curl 
related to 0003920 closed 


2010-07-12 21:36


curlinstall.patch (298 bytes)


2010-07-12 22:59

reporter   ~0016146

NOTICE: my patch didn't correct this issue, working on other options.


2010-07-13 17:45

administrator   ~0016147

Huh? How can they forget to install curl.h? That sounds rather silly...
You sure? :P

Sorry no time to test atm.


2010-07-15 13:04

administrator   ~0016196

Last edited: 2010-07-15 13:05

I've tried installing with the auto-installer (so answering Yes to the automatic install question) with latest CVS, though I had to fix this bug first before I could:
- The patch from 0003888 made ./Config favor the curl in /usr, even if it
  was not compiled with c-ares, which is clearly a bad idea as then the
  entire IRCd can hang for several seconds or more...
  We now check if they support asynch DNS, and skip them if they don't.

AND... this bug 0003931 needs to be fixed, I ripped out the check locally but it's not in CVS because maybe binki can fix it without removing the check altogether -- like by moving the check to the end.

Anyway, then it compiles fine.

When I was at it, I also updated our curl-latest.tar.gz to the latest version (7.21.0 - same as you), and that too compiles fine.

Yay :)

Anyway, you better wait till 0003931 is fixed before checking if it works for you too.


2010-07-20 04:57

reporter   ~0016224

@0016147 yeah it is silly, but on my end it's what happened, and iirc i showed binki in a screen session. i'm really out of swing on the bug posting, having been away for atleast a couple years, so my apologies for leaving information out and such. i'll get back to you on this soon.


2010-07-20 12:02

administrator   ~0016226

No need for apologies ;)
Maybe you could check with latest CVS, now the last bugfix was checked in. Perhaps even rename the curl to curl.old before you try it, so you can also test our new auto-install thingy.

Also, since I don't know if you meant it literally: curl.h is never in ~/curl/include itself, but rather in ~/curl/include/curl/curl.h (as to make #include <curl/curl.h> work, just like with openssl, etc).


2010-11-17 18:09

administrator   ~0016424

I'm assuming this has been fixed, as I couldn't reproduce it after the final changes were made to the script.

If not, please re-open (or repost). Thanks.

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