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0003927unrealinstallingpublic2015-08-08 08:27
Reporterwarg Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionno change required 
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.4-beta1 
Summary0003927: patch to make --prefix and --bindir work, also adds --ircdname
DescriptionThis patch modifies:

This patch enables the use of:

This patch adds:

This patch removes:

This patch also:
    cleans up the --help output, informs the user what the defaults are, eg:
        --with-listen=BYTES Specify the listen backlog value (default: 5)
        --with-bufferpool=NUM Specify the size of the buffer pool (default: 18)
    makes the Config script play nicely with these changes
    fixes 0003926 by warning and preventing the executable path and name from being the same as the unreal script's path and name
    allows for deep pathnames (previously this wasn't possible because BINDIR was a path to a filename and not a directory, ask binki for more info on this)
Additional Informationthis patch was designed on cvs for unreal3_2_fixes
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3rd party modules


related to 0003926 resolvedsyzop unreal script and binary conflict 



2010-07-14 13:25

reporter   ~0016151

Last edited: 2010-07-14 13:58

please use: final-warg-prefix-bindir-ircdname.patch

this also changes --with-disable-extendedban-stacking to --disable-extendedban-stacking. this makes more sense because we're enabling/disabling a feature, not tweaking settings for a package. technically there's a few more --with-things that should maybe a --enable-thing. *shrug* just an opinion.

2010-07-14 13:48



2010-07-14 14:05

reporter   ~0016152

Deleted other patches as mantis provides no way to mark them as ``do not use''.


2010-07-14 14:06

reporter   ~0016153

Thanks binkmeister


2010-07-14 14:32

administrator   ~0016155

You should have mentioned that:
1) You are renaming the binary to 'unrealircd', or making it the default. This is not what I want, make it 'ircd' again.
2) Not sure what you did with SSL, it's at least not mentioned. Perhaps you could either scratch it, or make more clear that the =DIR is optional and will otherwise be autodetected... something like that... basically document what it does atm.

Other than that, I'd still have to review the idea of this report itself, but I'm not against it.


2010-07-14 14:37

reporter   ~0016156

> 1) You are renaming the binary to 'unrealircd', or making it the default. This is not what I want, make it 'ircd' again.

I think that, to support the standard ``./configure && make && su -c 'make install' '' paradigm, the name of the ircd binary should be renamed. A name as generic as ``/usr/bin/ircd'' cannot be claimed by any ircd project.

Would it be enough to make a symlink from ircd -> unrealircd if the installation is a ``traditional'' instead of system install?


2010-07-14 16:37

administrator   ~0016157

Well, who said I would like to support the standard paradigm you describe :). In fact - and you're well aware of it - I don't, I want people to go through ./Config.

Also, it's not like you are going to run 3 different ircds at the same time if you install it like that...


2010-07-14 16:45

administrator   ~0016158

For consideration in 3.2.10 -- need to think careful about this. Not urgent.


2010-07-14 22:47

reporter   ~0016193

Syzop i'll reduce this to have it only enable/use --prefix, --bindir, --ircdname and remove --dpath and --spath, and not touch anything other than necessary to change that. I was bored, and perhaps took too many LARGE steps. I specifically shouldn't have assumed that changing the ircd name is a good idea. I can just leave that up to the end-user instead.


2010-07-14 23:50

reporter   ~0016194

Last edited: 2010-07-15 10:27

NEW: new-warg-prefix-bindir-ircdname.patch
DELETE: final-warg-prefix-bindir-ircdname.patch

default --with-ircdname is ircd

default --prefix is `pwd` (classic)

default --bindir is `pwd`/bin in configure, `pwd`/src in Config (classic) if
   the default is accepted

Config,,, ircdcron/ is changed to reflect the
   above changes

I changed Config transparently (to the end-user anyway). The 2nd and 3rd
   questions are still the same, and I simply extract the bindir/ircdname
   from the answer using sed. This is so the end-user isn't confused by an
   unexpected change.

0003926 is still fixed in the exact same way.

Note @ Syzop:

I understand you don't want the typical paradigm, and want people to use Config, but as an long-time Unreal user, I believe the option should be available. Atleast if if works right, we won't have people asking stupid questions when it breaks =). We can still strongly recommend the use of Config, or maybe only support the use of Config. I guess my point is if it exists at all, then it should atleast work properly, and to the end-users expectation.

2010-07-14 23:51



2012-10-06 12:05

administrator   ~0017145

Was about to put this in, before proceeding towards a -rc1/alpha/whatever, however the patch no longer commits due to the changes that have happened.

If the patch could be re-based before the first -rc/.. is released, and it has no bugs, then I'll put it in. Otherwise, it will be in a later release.


2015-08-08 08:26

administrator   ~0018574

With the new directory style and the maaaany configure options, this is implemented (well, slightly different)

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