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0003966unrealircdpublic2011-12-28 18:47
ReporternenotopiaAssigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0003966: [patch] ESVID - a more useful form of SVID for dreamforge-based IRCds

please apply the attached patch so that services can have proper account tracking. ESVID is fully backward compatible with non-ESVID servers, provided that the server your services are connected to is upgraded last.
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2010-11-17 18:29


unreal3.2-esvid.diff (20,733 bytes)


2010-11-17 18:53



2010-11-17 18:53

reporter   ~0016425

Please use the newer version of the patch which fixes a stupid bug.


2010-11-17 19:04

administrator   ~0016426

Appreciate the patch. Unfortunately we are already in feature-freeze for next release, of which I hope to bring out an RC1 or pre1 this weekend, so... it will be for next one (.10). These are not the things I want to rush in right before a (pre)release :p.

(unsigned long)acptr->user->svid,
that.. doesn't look very correct? ;)


2010-11-17 19:10

reporter   ~0016427

Hmm, I will review the patch. It is possible that I missed a cast, but since I am on 64-bit it should have shown a compiler warning...

In the meantime, I am working on cleaning up a patch that is dependent on this one. :)


2010-11-17 19:28

reporter   ~0016429

unreal-svid-core.patch cleans up the casting that I missed.

unreal-svid-whois.patch adds support for RPL_WHOISLOGGEDIN (330).


2010-11-17 19:28



2010-11-17 19:29

administrator   ~0016430

What I mean is you are trying to represent a pointer value as a number. I'm sure that's not what you intend.

Also, did you test this patch with services like anope and ircservices? Because now they will see users with service timestamps of * instead of 0, when they are not set (yet).


2010-11-17 19:30

administrator   ~0016431

Last edited: 2010-11-17 19:33

bleh, comments crossed ;p

HINT TO SELF: stop accidentally deleting stuff.

Ok, the 1st issue was fixed indeed ;)


2010-11-17 19:38

reporter   ~0016432

anope and ircservices will be fine with * instead of 0, because they call atoi() on the svid anyway :)

c-interactive> printf("%d\n", atoi("*"))


2010-11-17 20:00



2010-11-17 20:01

reporter   ~0016434

unreal-svid-extban.patch adds support for banning by accountname.

example: +b ~a:moocow would match anyone logged in as moocow.


2010-12-18 05:33

reporter   ~0016469

I have these patches running on a production network of about 175 users on and not a single problem so far. I've also tested them on a testnet running and Atheme 6.1 devel with no problems.


2011-12-25 16:38

administrator   ~0016833

Last edited: 2011-12-25 16:44

- Services coders: Added support for ESVID. Instead of a number you can
  now store a string (of max NICKLEN size) as service stamp. See
  protoctl.txt and serverprotocol.html in doc/technical for more information.
  Patch from nenotopia (0003966).
- Show account name in /WHOIS, for ESVID-capable services packages, patch
  from nenotopia (0003966).
- Added extended ban ~a:<account name> which matches users who are logged
  in to services with that account name. This works only on services that
  support ESVID. Patch from nenotopia (0003966).
- Updated extended ban documentation in help.conf and unreal32docs:
  new bantype ~a, and some text about extended bans & invex (+I).

EDIT: and ;)

Thanks for the patches! :)


2011-12-28 18:47

administrator   ~0016841

I was informed by an anope dev that it did break some of their versions. I've therefore just committed a change that makes the servicestamp default to '0' again (instead of '*'), just like it always was.

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