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0003971unrealircdpublic2013-05-06 07:33
Reporterkatsklaw Assigned Tonenolod 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha1 
Summary0003971: Users can see own usermodes in whois
DescriptionI thought it convenient and kinda nifty that users can see their own user modes in /whois output like opers can so heres a lil patch if interested.
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2010-11-30 02:49



2010-11-30 03:11

reporter   ~0016445

not sure why "has patch" wasn't set already :/


2012-08-17 12:39

administrator   ~0017076

What do others think? Is this a good idea? What do other IRCds do?

We have to think of the general population (users, not devs or ircops): would this information be helpful to them, or would it be yet another 'useless' WHOIS line to the already large WHOIS output?


2012-08-18 09:59

reporter   ~0017094

For users, there wouldn't be much benefit. A well-behaved client should keep track of user modes and show them on-demand/permanently somewhere anyway. Then again, I assume not all clients are well-behaved and thus there might be some value for a very small portion of users (web clients in particular come to mind). Therefore, I'd say it's not really all that important.


2013-05-06 07:31

reporter   ~0017502

It is useful because it shows the snomask. Not all IRC clients understand the snomask.


2013-05-06 07:32

reporter   ~0017503

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