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0003980unrealdocumentationpublic2010-12-29 18:12
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Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC2 
Summary0003980: /CREDITS command refers to broken URL
Description00:17 [unrealsupport] -!- =-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[Unreal3.2.8.1 Credits]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
00:17 [unrealsupport] -!- The people on this list are people who have helped us with the
00:17 [unrealsupport] -!- development of UnrealIRCd and who have made remarkable
00:17 [unrealsupport] -!- contributions to the project. People who have helped in previous
00:17 [unrealsupport] -!- versions are listed on - and
00:17 [unrealsupport] -!- not forgotten.

Adam pointed out that gives a 404. He suggested that perhaps the page is the correct link, but I suspect that there is some more extensive document sitting around... and that perhaps a RewriteRule is needed for browsers to find it properly. But I don't know, because I don't recall ever happening upon this credits.html page myself.

Also, it would be nice to make the /credits.html URL work instead of editing the output of /CREDITS because even old versions of UnrealIRCd with that old URL should not be referring people to 404s.
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2010-12-29 18:12

administrator   ~0016529

Can't find the contents of that page anymore... not on disk and not on

While I could change the text from:
People who have helped in previous versions are listed on and are not forgotten.
People who have helped in previous versions were listed on and are now forgotten.
Instead, I've removed the text ;)

I've also moved sections around a bit.

CVS .919:
- Updated credits a bit (0003980).

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