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0003981unrealinstallingpublic2010-12-22 17:03
ReporterJobe Assigned Toohnobinki  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformi386OSFreeBSDOS Version7.0-p11
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC2 
Summary0003981: ./Config does not detec AsyncDNS on FreeBSD
DescriptionSimply put ./Config is unable to detect AsyncDNS support in curl even when it has it on FreeBSD (not using auto-installer but instead using system libs).

The reason is the detection method where ./Config expects:
[jobe@alpha ~]$ curl-config --features|grep AsynchDNS|wc -l

It instead gets:
[jobe@alpha ~]$ curl-config --features|grep AsynchDNS|wc -l

This test can be found on line 678 of ./Config
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2010-12-22 17:03

reporter   ~0016485

Fix in CVS, will be in 3.2.9-rc2:

- Fix invalid use of 'wc -l' when detecting the AsynchDNS feature of
  libcurl which breaks compilation on FreeBSD; instead use 'grep
  -q'. Reported by Jobe (0003981), solution proposed by satmd.

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