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0003988unrealinstallingpublic2012-08-17 12:32
Reporterkatsklaw Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platformx86OSDebianOS VersionLenny
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0003988: make install does not copy *.pem files to run directory
Descriptionuhm, Summary says it all :)
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3rd party modules



2010-12-27 22:09


install-pem.diff (605 bytes)


2010-12-27 22:10

reporter   ~0016518

uploaded patch.


2010-12-27 22:13


install-pem2.diff (617 bytes)


2010-12-27 22:14

reporter   ~0016519

stupid mistake, use install-pem2.diff


2010-12-27 22:15


install-pem3.diff (618 bytes)


2010-12-27 22:16

reporter   ~0016520

3rd times a charm!!

if ! -f "beer.h" ; then don't code!


2010-12-27 23:06


install-pem4.diff (632 bytes)


2010-12-27 23:08

reporter   ~0016521

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ok install-pem4.diff checks to see if the pem files exist and $(IRCDDIR) pems do not or are older. This is so users can run 'make pem' then 'make install' to install new pems.


2010-12-28 00:42

reporter   ~0016522

I think that it'd be safer to test if the .cert file exists than the .req, which does not need to exist for the certificates to be used.

I'm somewhat against testing at all for these cert files during make install, maybe we can just let ``make pem'' install them after generating them or I suppose that this patch is OK.


2010-12-28 00:57

reporter   ~0016523

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Having 'make pem' doing the installation is logical except if the user wants to use it to create the certs for purposes other than for the ircd. Having, 'make install' do it is a safer bet, imho.

I'll attach a patch that works off the .crt file check that already exists if you rather do that.


2010-12-28 01:14



2010-12-28 02:57


install-pem5.diff (578 bytes)


2010-12-28 03:00

reporter   ~0016524

ok, I promise I'm done being absent minded. #5 checks for the .cert file (as opposed to the unrelated .crt file) instead of .req. It also uses tabs instead of spaces (picky picky picky ;P).



2012-08-17 12:31

administrator   ~0017073

- Install server.*.pem files, patch from katsklaw (0003988).
- The ./Config script will now ask whether to generate an SSL
  certificate when it does not exist (defaults to Yes), instead of
  always generating one.

Yeah I combined the two, shoot me ;)
The reason I added the prompt is that, otherwise when upgrading Unreal the certificate would always be generated (since it doesn't exist in the source directory), and then when you do 'make install' to update your installation the timestamp would be newer so you are now overwriting your existing (and probably good) certificates). Now, I expect users to simply say 'No' to the certificate generation when they already have one (in their target directory).

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