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0004006unrealircdpublic2015-01-25 13:15
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PrioritynormalSeverityfeatureReproducibilityhave not tried
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
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Summary0004006: enhance static part/quit
DescriptionAllow opers to see the real part/quit reason so network spam rules can still be enforced without non-opers being spammed.
Additional InformationI'll do the patch, just gimme a bit.
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katsklaw (reporter)

I got to looking at the source code and found that exit_client sends to channel and not individual users, which makes sense, so this will be more trouble that it's worth it seems.

Opers can always use snomasks +c and +F for (dis)connects which should display the real quit anyway.


katsklaw (reporter)

uploaded do'able patch. This patch serves my personal needs but may be incomplete for Unreal3.2.

This blocks all quit messages from non-identified users, ie umode -r users except opers. For general use, you may want to add another config item. example: set::static-unreg-quits or however.


mahdkoosh (reporter)



syzop (administrator)

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regarding original report.. you already found out the problem ;)

regarding your patch: yes I suppose that would be a good addition: a feature to make all unregged users quiting use the static quit.

If you would modify the patch to make this a configurable option, then I'll add it.


dboyz (reporter)

This might be unrelated but I have a suggestion:

Allow opers to enable (mode 1, mode 2) or disable static part/quit messages.
When feature is enabled to mode 1, all users' part/quit messages will be turned to static messages.
When feature is enabled to mode 2, only unregistered users' part/quit messages will be turned to static messages.
When feature is enabled to mode 1 or 2, opers with certain snomasks (as mentioned above) will part/quit with their real message.
And the featured is turned off when it is disabled.


katsklaw (reporter)

dboyz, your "mode 1" and snomasks idea also already happens with +s +cF. Currently static quit is on|off and +s +cF snomask can always see real quits.

what about set::options::static-quit::all|unreg|opers ??


dboyz (reporter)

I like your idea but is it possible to allow opers to change the settings of static-quit?
For example, an IRCop can issue a command:
/static-quit all


katsklaw (reporter)

static-quit is one of those things that shouldn't change often, if at all, so it really doesn't need to be changed on the fly.


dboyz (reporter)

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I'm looking back at this report after about 4 months.

Actually, I'm not referring to change the static quit message. Instead I am referring to the enabling/disabling part of static quit. I find it unreasonable to leave the static quit message feature enabled for an extended period of time due to the probability of people misusing it. (as in 0004149)

Other new suggestions I can think of are:
1) Add more flexibility in the config
-- Allow static quit reason to be used for static part reason. Also, allow separate reasons to be settable for both settings.
-- Allow static part option <no|yes|part message> to share the same option with static quit reason. Also, allow separate options to be settable for both settings.
-- Allow anti spam quit message time to share the same value with anti spam part message time. Also allow separate value to be settable for both settings.
2) Any settings/features mentioned above that are not available now, should be implemented.
3) Should any of the shared option of settings/features mentioned above exist, then an update is needed on the official documentation. (because it reflects unclear information; I am writing this note 100% based on the document.)


dboyz (reporter)

Hi. I have modified your patch and included a configurable option. Kindly take a look: https://github.com/unrealircd/unrealircd/pull/14

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