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0004007unrealdocumentationpublic2011-02-23 02:35
Reporterwarg Assigned Toohnobinki  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.9-RC1 
Fixed in Version3.2.9-RC2 
Summary0004007: Documentation does not say that +t allows a halfop to change the topic
DescriptionMaybe this is nitpicking, but the documentation for channel mode +t has always said "Only chanops can set topic".

I think clarity is important, and should say "Only channel half-operators and higher can set the topic".
Additional InformationOpinion: Personally, I don't like that channel half-operators can set topic on +t (I mean, if they can't kick other half-operators and such, why should they be permitted to change the topic?), but that's beside the point.
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2011-02-22 13:09

reporter   ~0016600

I think halfops are limited enough as-is. Just change the message so that halfops can change the topic with +t and be done with it.


2011-02-23 02:29

reporter   ~0016601

For now, at least, the behavior of chmode +t can't be changed so dramatically. So, this will be a documentation bug. (I.e., even though this behavior of halfops being able to set the topic is undocumented, it is intended. Also, one half of the documentation -- the HELPOP docs -- correctly state that ``Only +hoaq may change the topic [h]''.)

I don't think that chmode +t will ever prevent halfops from setting the topic, but if you still are interested in that please open another bug.

Documentation is fixed in CVS:
- Fix documentation about channel mode +t and halfops, thanks warg (0004007).

Thanks for reporting this inconsistency :-).

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