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0004079unrealircdpublic2012-03-25 19:56
ReporternenolodAssigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0004079: [feature] add SASL support using PUIDs

using pseudo-UIDs (instead of UUIDs), we can implement a lightweight version of SASL which allows authentication with services.

i have a patch which is mostly completed for this, but it needs to be rebased and refactored. i will attach it later this week.

a services-side implementation of this is already present in atheme-7 GIT master, if you want an idea of how the protocol works, but it is still work-in-progress.
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2012-03-06 04:57

reporter   ~0016939

For some reason it won't let me attach the patch to the tracker.

So, you can download it here:


2012-03-06 17:31


sasl-rebase.patch (13,974 bytes)


2012-03-07 02:03

reporter   ~0016943

Right, so, sasl-rebase.patch has the patch. It seems to be working, but more testing is needed.


2012-03-07 03:12

reporter   ~0016944



2012-03-07 03:21

reporter   ~0016945



2012-03-07 17:43

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2012-03-14 07:24

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2012-03-14 07:29

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2012-03-24 10:08

administrator   ~0016953

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Ok, just shooting a few questions. Sorry for not getting back sooner... even now I've only quickly read through the code. As you may understand I didn't setup a (new for me) services package just for this. If you have some written documentation somewhere online, let me know, I did find the charybdis doc/sasl.txt which helped a little.
Here it goes:
* Shouldn't sasl_agent[] be NICKLEN+1?
* The SASL message is broadcasted to all servers, is that correct? It looks that way, both in the case that 1) you have no idea who will 'answer', and 2) even when a destination is known. #2 sounds odd. But even for #1, wouldn't it be better if a destination server can be configured? Maybe even default to the services-server. It sounds illogical to share authentication requests (etc.) with all servers in a network. What if multiple servers would answer?
* Some minimal bounds checking on the 'slot' would be nice
* Is there a race condition between the stage where a user is authenticating (has just sent his last AUTHENTICATE), the client dropping out, and a new client taking this slot? Or is this properly handled? If services lag a few seconds then this may be a realistic scenario. (Not that the time frame matters, since any race condition should be addressed). If this is already addressed, then good.


2012-03-25 00:17

reporter   ~0016954


yes, sasl_agent[] should probably be NICKLEN + 1.

since we have services-server setting, we can indeed change the broadcast to send a message directly to the server containing it.

some bounds checking should indeed be applied to decode_puid() -- no disagreement there.

however, i think we should perhaps put a cookie onto the PUID, which would allow for limited session correlation (which would certainly stop confusion between AUTHENTICATE messages - as bogus ones could be discarded due to not having matching cookie).



2012-03-25 00:38


sasl-rebased-v2.patch (14,427 bytes)


2012-03-25 00:38

reporter   ~0016955

sasl-rebased-v2.patch implements the requested changes, including usage of a per-session cookie (generated by getrandom16() which should be plenty sufficient)


2012-03-25 10:25

administrator   ~0016956

Great! Committed :)
- Added support for SASL, patch from nenolod (0004079).


2012-03-25 12:41

administrator   ~0016957

Just fixed a crash if you sent 'AUTHENTICATE' without parameters.

Another question, shouldn't 'AUTHENTICATE' be ignored/denied when the user is fully registered? That's what I read in doc/sasl.txt.


2012-03-25 19:05

reporter   ~0016958


i guess removing M_REGISTERED from the AUTHENTICATE message would do the trick for that.


2012-03-25 19:55

administrator   ~0016959


Also had to fix two other crash bugs, and I added some code so not any random user can run the SVSLOGIN / SASL commands.

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