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0004082unrealircdpublic2013-05-20 00:33
ReporternenolodAssigned Tonenolod 
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Fixed in Version3.4-alpha1 
Summary0004082: remove TOKEN support

we should probably remove TOKEN support. the rationale for TOKEN has long since been superseded by better methods such as ziplinks, and only add very large amounts of complexity to the code.
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2012-01-28 21:35

administrator   ~0016900

I don't see this happening in the foreseeable future. It won't be done in 3.2 as it's a (way) too major change, and we don't have resources to do 3.3/4.0 parallel development.
Plus, I disagree with you on the "very large amounts of complexity" and the priority.


2012-02-03 09:02

reporter   ~0016902

Oddly enough, I agree with both of you ;)

TOKENS aren't really needed in today's irc world. Especially with bandwidth getting faster.and cheaper and for other already stated reasons. I also agree with the priority, complexity and timeline suggested by syzop.


2013-01-14 11:10

reporter   ~0017366

I am going to go ahead and remove TOKEN in 3.4 because it adds a lot of complexity to send.c and we're only required to link to 3.2, not speak the entirety of the 3.2 link protocol.


2013-01-14 14:12

administrator   ~0017370

Yup, go ahead. I'm OK with this protocol change.


2013-05-13 07:40

reporter   ~0017552

Status on this: TOKEN is gone, some infrastructure remains in the core for tokens still, such as hunt_server_token() and hunt_server_token_quiet().

Going to knock those out tomorrow, then close this bug after validating link compatibility is still there...


2013-05-14 00:37

reporter   ~0017556

hunt_server_token(), hunt_server_token_quiet() now gone.

going to do a last pass on the send.c stuff.


2013-05-14 05:15

reporter   ~0017558



sendto_serv_butone_tok, sendto_serv_butone_tok_opt, sendto_channelprefix_butone_tok


add_Command needs to have token field removed (logic itself is gone)


TOK_ defines need to be killed


TOK_ defines need to be killed


2013-05-19 22:36

reporter   ~0017601

grawity provided some patches killing sendto_serv_butone_token(), i have committed them.


2013-05-19 22:58

reporter   ~0017602

sendto_channelprefix_butone_tok() removed.


2013-05-19 23:34

reporter   ~0017604

Everything but sendto_serv_butone_token_opt() is done.


2013-05-20 00:33

reporter   ~0017607

This patch removes the last bits of TOKEN support.

Thanks to everyone that helped with this!

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