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0004097unrealircdpublic2012-04-09 10:35
ReporternenolodAssigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version3.2.10-rc1 
Summary0004097: [patch] add support for away-notify client capability

the away-notify client capability allows for "cloud" IRC services like mibbit to reduce their bandwidth consumption on an IRC server by requesting passive notification of AWAY state changes instead of polling for them.

Mibbit, IRCCloud and IRCAnywhere already have support for this extension, which results in a 75% bandwidth usage reduction when used correctly.

it works by sending AWAY verbs to clients with away-notify enabled which share channels with clients which are changing AWAY state.
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2012-03-25 19:39



2012-04-09 10:34

administrator   ~0016975

- Added 'away-notify' client capability, which informs the client of any AWAY
  state changes of users on the same channel. Patch from nenolod (0004097).

Thanks :)

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