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0004136unrealircdpublic2015-05-18 17:22
ReporterNath Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version3.2.10-rc1 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha2 
Summary0004136: Extension to SSL Fingerprints
DescriptionThe attached patch enables unreal to store ssl fingerprints in the client struct when a client connects (users and servers). It will also distribute the fingerprint to the rest of the network. This should allow services packages to enable fingerprint auth with Unreal.
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has duplicate 0004225 closed Authorization client via SSL 



2012-10-25 01:13


fingerprint.patch (14,940 bytes)


2012-10-25 01:14

reporter   ~0017192

Patch has been tested, but not extensively, I welcome any and all feedback on it.



2012-10-25 02:33


fingerprint_2.patch (16,182 bytes)


2012-10-25 02:34

reporter   ~0017193

Please use fingerprint_2.patch, It includes proper use of RPL strings and some sanity checks swapping strcpy() for strlcpy().


2012-10-25 03:37

reporter   ~0017194

Don't use add_Command() and del_Command(). Instead, use CommandAdd() and friends.

There is already a function for deriving the SHA256 fingerprint as well. Please use that function.

I will mark it as having a patch though.


2012-10-25 03:43

reporter   ~0017196

Last edited: 2012-10-25 04:03

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There is? That's odd because I took that code from auth.c with no function to be seen...I'll change to CommandAdd etc.

I'm withholding my next patch until I'm directed to this function, just so I don't end up uploading more files than required. However from grepping "sha256" there doesn't seem to be any such function that I can find. I also wonder, if we do indeed already have that function, why doesn't auth.c in 3.2.10 use it when determining the fingerprint?


2012-10-25 18:16


fingerprint_3.patch (16,134 bytes)


2012-10-25 18:59

reporter   ~0017202

After discussions with Jobe and warg, it has been concluded that the method of deriving the sha256 fingerprint used in the patch is the correct one.

fingerprint_3.patch added.


2012-10-27 04:27

reporter   ~0017205

Hmm. My mistake. Please split out the auth.c stuff into a function and use that.


2015-05-18 17:22

administrator   ~0018316

The issue mentioned in this bug report has been done: fingerprints are now stored, broadcasted to all servers, and shown in /WHOIS.

Only thing that has not been done is converting auth.c to use it (it currently just fetches it again). That's more of a cleanup thing though..

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