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0004137unrealinstallingpublic2013-01-09 09:10
Reporterwarg Assigned Tosyzop  
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OSGNU/Linux, *BSDOS VersionMany 
Product Version3.2.10-rc1 
Fixed in Version3.2.10 
Summary0004137: curlinstall fails if libssh2 devel is available on the system.

RE: 1) *NIX: Use the ./curlinstall script, see if it delivers a working curl that can be used during ./Config

It seems that on GNU/Linux and *BSD (and probably OS X), if libssh2 devel is available, cURL's configure will fail with "libssh2.h:443: error: previous declaration of 'libssh2_free' was here." The resolution to fix this is to append --without-libssh2 to cURL's configure line in the curlinstall script.
Steps To ReproduceInstall libssh2 development packages on your GNU/Linux or *BSD system, then try the curlinstall script.
Additional InformationIf libssh2 devel isn't available, or we append --without-libssh2 to cURL's configure line, then the curlinstall script appears to be WAI.

I've tested on several GNU/Linux distribution releases and FreeBSD.

Also, maybe we should simply disable any cURL features that are unnecessary for UnrealIRCd?
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2012-10-26 18:46


curlinstall.patch (447 bytes)


2012-10-28 09:04

administrator   ~0017213

Thanks for testing, we certainly want a workable curlinstall script ;)

Hmmm.. so basically we should workaround a curl bug.
I was going to say, let's add the --disable- feature to the command if it's a non-used protocol, but ssh:// sounds pretty neat (I wasn't aware of it), so that would be a shame.

I see the curlinstall script uses
Interesting.. I haven't updated that file since July 2010.

I now replaced it with the current latest curl, could you check if the curlinstall script works now?

Ideally the curlinstall script should fetch curl from the curl site itself.
Perhaps leave the bug open as a TODO item for that.


2012-10-28 09:54

administrator   ~0017215

Tested on debian 6 with libssh devel package & updated, works now.
Let me know if you have the same result(s).


2012-10-29 02:24

reporter   ~0017217

It seems to work on FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE and various GNU/Linux distribution releases in my VirtualBox. Thanks, Syzop. :)


2012-10-29 14:50

reporter   ~0017218

I successfully ran curlinstall on OS X.8 w/ the following pre-requisites:

- Mercurial OS X port from their website
- MacPorts 2.1.2
- XCode from Apple AppStore
- Command Line Tools from Download Tab in preferences.
- (in terminal) 'port install wget'

From there, an hg clone can be preformed and curlinstall will build in it's entirety.

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