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0004189unrealircdpublic2013-05-23 05:52
ReporternenolodAssigned Tonenolod 
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Target Version3.4-alpha1Fixed in Version3.4-alpha1 
Summary0004189: remove ziplinks support (nobody should be using it by now anyway)
Descriptionwe should either move the ziplinks code to a lowerlevel component of the stack instead of dopacket() or remove it.

frankly, i think we should just remove it as ssl makes it redundant, and we shouldn't really encourage linking servers without ssl in 2013.

(services doesn't count here, none of those support ziplinks)

tl;dr: what do we want to do with this? if nobody objects, i'm just going to nuke it when i rewrite the buffer code.
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2013-05-14 19:24

administrator   ~0017565

I'll reply here:

I'm tending towards removal, but I wonder about the figures.
* SSL can compress, is this always enabled by default? (if both sides support it)
* Is there much overhead due to SSL? I think it's only 1-2 bytes per packet or something? and rounding on 16 bytes blocks? That's it? or?

Let me know so we can make a good decision.


2013-05-14 22:44

reporter   ~0017566

SSL compression is always enabled since SSLv3 onwards, and is a requirement of TLS.

The overhead of SSL on the compression is indeed minimal.


2013-05-14 23:43

administrator   ~0017567

Last edited: 2013-05-14 23:43

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Ok then, I'm fine with removal.

Can you add something that if link::options::zip is specified in the config file, we would print out some statement (fatal error) saying they should use SSL/TLS because (among other things) it does compression? <- but then a proper sentence, of course.


2013-05-15 05:03

reporter   ~0017568

Okay, I will do this after I finish knocking down the remainder of the tokens code.


2013-05-15 08:36

reporter   ~0017569

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Expunged everything having to do with ziplinks at all ever.

Tested two servers (same build) could link and clients could connect and communicate without apparent issues.

It may be necessary to hg remove include/zip.h and src/zip.c.


2013-05-15 08:37


4189_remove_ziplink.diff (64,047 bytes)


2013-05-15 16:53

reporter   ~0017570

This patch does not apply to Unreal 3.4 tree, did you do it against the 3.2 tree?

I will work to integrate it in regardless.

In the future, make sure that you've run: hg checkout unreal34 to get the 3.4 tree.


2013-05-15 21:55

administrator   ~0017571

who's falconkirtaran? ;P


2013-05-16 04:03

reporter   ~0017572

Falcon is a friend of mine who is interested in helping out on Unreal 3.4 project.

He's particularly good at auditing code and figuring out what it is doing, which is useful as it means I don't have to tell him what every piece of hairy 2.8+ircd-dal code is doing ;)


2013-05-16 04:12

reporter   ~0017573

Indeed. I'm a security consultant / IDS developer at Leviathan, and I've been using unrealircd for almost a decade. Figured I might as well do something for it.


2013-05-16 05:57



2013-05-16 05:58

reporter   ~0017575

There. New patch actually made from the 3.4 tree, which should actually apply.

Bonus: fixed a potentially unsafe sprintf in send_proto().


2013-05-16 08:36

reporter   ~0017576

Removal patch committed:

Before we can close this out, need to have a notice saying that ziplinks are deprecated and recommending TLS as an alternative.


2013-05-16 21:13

administrator   ~0017578

Falcon: Ok great :). Good to have you onboard.


2013-05-19 09:20

reporter   ~0017588

Thanks, syzop!

Where should the notice go?


2013-05-19 10:06

reporter   ~0017591

Put it in the config handling stuff, if you see "zip" in the options, flag a warning. (might need to keep the bitfield entry for this)


2013-05-19 12:44

reporter   ~0017597

Warning is added in this commit:

Closing it out.

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