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0004280unrealircdpublic2014-03-14 01:14
Reporterpeterkingalexander Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSDebianOS Version6
Product Version3.2.10.1 
Fixed in Version3.2.10.2 
Summary0004280: Intermittent crashes of the ircd when a user joins
DescriptionOn a network of approx 400 users, the ircd will randomly crash in intervals of between a couple days and a couple weeks. Since the crash seems MOTD related, here's the one currently in use:

The backtrace is attached. Services are run through Anope.
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3rd party modules


2013-11-03 18:08


backtrace.txt (3,137 bytes)


2013-11-03 21:56

administrator   ~0017985

Thanks for the report.

Could you send over the following files to or upload them somewhere and post a link?
1) The file named 'core'
2) The ircd binary, usually 'src/ircd'
3), usually 'src/modules/'

This would enable me to look into this crash in more detail.



2013-11-04 19:20

reporter   ~0017986

Email sent—thanks for looking into this!


2013-11-04 21:26

administrator   ~0017987

Thanks a lot. There seems to be a problem in 3.2.10's I/O engine.
I'll verify my theory & find a proper solution and (stress) test it... this may take a few days as I have to work extra at my other (paid) job. The final solution is probably only to change a few lines, but of course this needs to be done with great care.. don't want to create a new issue when resolving the first one :)

Thanks again for the core dump and other files, this helped a lot.


2013-11-09 08:13

reporter   ~0017988

Just an update: it crashed twice today again. If you'd like more core dumps, I can provide them.


2013-11-09 13:49

administrator   ~0017989

Last edited: 2013-11-09 13:50

If you can, try this patch:

On the shell you type, in your Unreal3.2.10.1 directory:
patch --dry-run -p1 </the/location/to/
If this does not raise any alarm bells (should be just 'Patching ...' with some possible 'FUZZ', nothing else), then run the command for real:
patch -p1 </the/location/to/

Once the patch is applied, re-run 'make', and 'make install'

The IRCd then needs to be restarted, unfortunately a /REHASH or reload is insufficient.

This patch actually addresses a number of issues.

Let me know your results, especially if they are negative ;)


2013-11-09 21:05

reporter   ~0017990

Just applied the patch and restarted the server: so far so good. Sometimes it would take a number of days for the bug to manifest, so I'll keep monitoring it.


2013-11-09 21:17

administrator   ~0017991

Ok, thanks :)


2013-11-16 18:31

reporter   ~0017992

After a week, the IRCd is still stable. Thanks for taking care of this issue so quickly!


2013-11-17 15:03

administrator   ~0017993

Great. Thanks for letting me know.


2013-11-23 11:40

administrator   ~0017994

Thanks for your help in this, really appreciated.

This issue has been resolved in (using the same patch as linked earlier)

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