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0004311unrealircdpublic2014-08-24 18:48
Reportersyzop Assigned Totmcarthur  
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Product Version3.4-alpha1 
Fixed in Version3.4-alpha2 
Summary0004311: [3.4] Move TKL checking to loop again
Descriptionnenolod moved the "check all users against all TKL's" check to m_tkl (or one of the functions in that file). It is now being called for each and every *LINE that is added.
Previously it simply set a flag if any TKL was added and we checked for TKL's inside the ircd loop if that flag was set.

We really need to restore the original behavior. Not sure what he was thinking at that time......
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2014-06-02 08:05

reporter   ~0018160

I can handle this one - and yeah that logic is kind of ridiculous.


2014-06-02 19:36

administrator   ~0018165

Yeah. Say a server links in and adds 1000 *LINES. Previously this would mean that these 1000 *LINES are checked against all local users once if the burst was fast enough, or a number of times, like after 100, 200, 300, etc.. so 10 times (probably more realistic).

Then nenolod did this in m_tkl.c:
/* The TKL check is now run immediately, because there is not much value in postponing
 * the check. It just made check_pings() more complex than it should be. --nenolod

Say we have 1000 local users. With his change:
* when the first *LINE is added, all TKL's (say: 1) is checked against all 1000 users
* when the second *LINE is added, all TKL's (now 2) are checked against all 1000 users
* when the 1000th *LINE is added, all TKL's (now 1000) are checked against all 1000 users

So previously there were like 100+200+300..1000 checks times 1000 users = 5.5 million (+/-)
Now with his change there are 1+2+3+...1000 checks times 1000 users = 500.5 million

A fantastic improvement! .. :)


2014-08-24 18:48

reporter   ~0018239

Kept it as a separate function but moved it to take aClient* as param and do necessary checks that way - and to return an int so we can short-circuit the rest of the process if someone gets banned :)

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