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0004317unrealircdpublic2019-10-14 15:22
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Summary0004317: Feature request: Extban negating & forwards
DescriptionTwo things in Charybdis I would like to see ported to Unreal are the extban-negating and the ban/extban forwards.

I like being able to do:
+b $~a$#channal-unreg
+b $~z$#channel-nossl
and have users forwarded to the specific channel. I've also seen bans like *!*@*.fr$ and *!*@*.de$ used.

Sadly there's no way to do this currently in unreal.
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3rd party modules



2014-06-13 00:14

reporter   ~0018196

As a bit of an after thought, since unreal uses '~' as the extban symbol we'd need to figure out a different symbol to negate the extban.


2014-06-13 06:18

reporter   ~0018197

This is interesting, though I have no idea what these do or how they are supposed to work or anything (and I'm not about to go digging through Charybdis docs).

Please elaborate more on what these do so they don't look like gobbledygook.

Also, it is possible to add extended bans as a module. The module would need to hook the pre-join event and compare the user attempting to join to the ban list to see if it matches any bans. As far as bans, Unreal will accept any text as a ban so there's no need to change anything else.

I seem to be saying this a lot lately, but it seems to apply: I feel this could be and should be done as a 3rd party module. I don't see too many situations where this feature would be used (I can only think of your example where users are redirected based on TLD, don't know how redirecting on usermodes(?) would be useful).


2014-06-13 22:29

reporter   ~0018198

In Charybdis extbans are prefixed with the '$' symbol. and the '~' symbol is used to negate the extban.

For channel redirection, $#channel is placed onto the end of the banmask, causing all users matching that ban to be redirected to the specified channel. (Think +L forwarding, but more specific.)

So for the examples I used:
Extban $a = all users with an account name (Registered with services.)
+b $~a$#channel-unreg, since we're using the '~' symbol to negate the 'a' extban, would match all unregistered users and forward them to the channel specified at the end.

Extban $z = all users on an ssl connection
+b $~z$#channel-nossl, since we're using '~' again, it would match all users NOT on an ssl connection and foward them to the channel specified.

This is one of the things I really like about Charybdis, the ban forwarding is something I make use of and something I see larger networks use frequently as well.


2019-10-14 15:22

administrator   ~0020973

I think the negating is a bit over the top imo, so rejecting that one.
The forwarding was a nice idea though and it is now implemented in UnrealIRCd 5 alpha.

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