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0004320unrealircdpublic2021-12-06 18:38
ReporterKindOne Assigned Tosyzop  
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Fixed in Version6.0.0-beta1 
Summary0004320: Add MONITOR support.

Would love to have this added into the IRCd.
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3rd party modules



2014-07-14 01:58

reporter   ~0018214

We have WATCH, and even though IRCv3 says there's no standard of implementation it seems to work just fine for everyone using it.

I don't think this is a necessary feature for 3.2.x, but maybe could be an additional module for 3.4.


2014-08-01 16:53

administrator   ~0018215

Uh, yeah, no offense to the submitter or makers of the MONITOR specification but.. what's wrong with WATCH? It has been working for over a decade (if not longer) and the syntax of this MONITOR command looks surprisingly similar to MONITOR (I'm sure there are some differences..).
I don't know the interoperability problems, but we announce WATCH and WATCHOPTS in 005.

Is this IRCv3 working group only making new specifications just... to make new specifications? I certainly hope not in general, but for this "feature" it looks that way.


2014-08-01 16:55

administrator   ~0018216

Heh bumped into this
People asking the same thing, then nenoboy joining in threatening that WATCH will become deprecated... typical.


2021-12-06 18:38

administrator   ~0022238

This is now in U6.

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