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0004335unrealircdpublic2015-05-23 16:56
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Product Version3.4-alpha1 
Target Version3.4-alpha2Fixed in Version3.4-alpha3 
Summary0004335: Implement bcrypt password hashing method
DescriptionBasically a hashing algorithm that will use XYZ rounds. That makes cracking passwords take a lot more time, making it more secure.

Note that we shouldn't use TOO many rounds, it's not like we want the IRCd to spend 100ms per /OPER attempt.. otherwise you can DoS it down with just 10 attempts per second ;)

See and various other sources (I think I even made an implementation once.. I better look it up).
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2014-10-25 09:39

administrator   ~0018258

Currently we only use 1 round, but it's salted. That's good, but it can be better if we use this also.


2015-05-23 16:42

administrator   ~0018330

Added in 3.4-alpha3:

TODO: documentation ;)

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