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0004425unrealdocumentationpublic2015-10-14 22:02
Reportertester1001 Assigned Tosyzop  
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PlatformUnixOSRasbianOS Version4.1.7
Product Version4.0.0-rc1 
Fixed in Version4.0.0-rc2 
Summary0004425: Channel Mode +A unavailable
DescriptionUnable to set Channel mode +A for Administrators only
Server reports "A is unknown mode char to me"
Steps To ReproduceI setup an operclass with default of netadmin-with-override. Logged onto server, opered, confirmed netadmin-with-override status. Created a channel, tried to set +A channel mode. Server returns

A is unknown mode char to me
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2015-10-14 14:14

reporter   ~0018740

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This is not a bug.

+A does not exist in Unreal4 as per

You will need to write a third-party module for it.


2015-10-14 20:05

reporter   ~0018741

I miss understood. The command /helpop ?chmodes
still lists A as a channel mode


2015-10-14 22:02

administrator   ~0018742

I've adjusted help.conf. Thanks for the report :)

[unreal40 7637517] In UnrealIRCd 4 channel mode j & A no longer exist, same for user modes O, a, A, N, C. Also oper flags no longer exist.

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