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0004426unrealmodule apipublic2015-10-17 11:14
Reporterblank Assigned Tosyzop  
PrioritynormalSeveritymajorReproducibilityhave not tried
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Fixed in Version4.0.0-rc2 
Summary0004426: +P gets removed
DescriptionChannel mode +P gets removed at some point.

Also the channel topic gets cleared at that point, even though there are users in the channel.
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2015-10-16 11:26

reporter   ~0018743

Also channel creation time gets reset at the point +P is removed.

Example: 09:25 -!- Channel #Romance_3 created Fri Oct 16 04:51:08 2015

This channel was created yesterday and there have constantly been at least 1 user in the channel, but today it reports that the channel was only created this morning.


2015-10-16 11:34

administrator   ~0018744

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This was reported before by one user (unless it was you) but we failed to reproduce it. Do you have any tips perhaps?

Could you verify with '/STATS u' that the IRCd has not been rebooted (it should show an uptime of x days in case of you)

EDIT: has not been rebooted* ;)


2015-10-16 12:54

reporter   ~0018745


Yeah, now I can reproduce.

1. Create channel #test.

2. /mode #test +P and /topic #test test.

3. /part #test and /list (shows #test with +ntP and topic 'test') - great.

4. /join #test

5. Server sets mode +nt, why does it do this, according to /list it just had +ntP! Also there's no topic, but /list just showed it?

6. /part #test and /list (channel gone).


2015-10-16 16:19

administrator   ~0018746

Ahh.. the auto +nt is crucial. I don't have set::modes-on-join and it works OK but if you have like this..
set { modes-on-join +nt; };
..then +P fails to work indeed.


2015-10-17 11:14

administrator   ~0018750

This should now be fixed. Thanks for the report! :)

[unreal40 f1426e0] Fix channel mode +P (Permanent) not working if you have set::modes-on-join, reported by blank (0004426).

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