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0004463unrealircdpublic2018-07-14 18:24
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Summary0004463: make umode +G also censor channels
Descriptioni'm new to this so not sure if this has been suggested before or if i have a bug in my system but i'd like this usermode to behave slightly differently;

G = Filters out all Bad words in your messages with <censored>

this works great in private messages , but it doesn't work in channels. i'd like it so people can choose not to see the swearing in a channel and have it censored to them , but not the rest of the channel.

thanks :)
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related to 0004492 resolvedargvx make umode +T block channel CTCP's as well 



2015-12-13 15:26

administrator   ~0018915

This would require some core infrastructure changes, but I like the idea.


2015-12-28 01:05

reporter   ~0018956

I agree, this makes sense, I'll start having a look at changes required on our side =)


2018-07-14 16:32

administrator   ~0020196

*Change to unassigned* It's a good idea but Travis isn't working on it and neither am I (nor am I planning to anytime soon).


2018-07-14 18:13

reporter   ~0020216

There is a +G Censorship Channel Mode already.

Although I guess if +G is set as a usermode, they should always see <censored> in both PM and Channel Windows.

If users really find "badwords" that upsetting perhaps they shouldnt be online to begin with, since most of the internet is riddled with "badwords" - I do not get offended by such words myself, there does not seem to be any point upsetting yourself because someone typed <censored> word in an irc channel.

Infact I despise any kind of censorship, so do not use mode +G myself in any way, shape or form on my IRC network.

-Just my 2 cents anyway :)


2018-07-14 18:24

administrator   ~0020217

Yup, I also don't like +G, same reasons as you :).
But if it is to be used then making it a user-decision rather than channel-wide-decision is IMO better.
Anyway, I won't be coding this and I doubt anyone anytime soon ;)

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