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0004485unrealircdpublic2015-12-09 12:04
ReporterRobben Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformwindowsOSwindowsOS Versionwin7
Product Version4.0.0-rc4 
Fixed in Version4.0.0-rc5 
Summary0004485: A crash occers when the system uses the "select I/O" model on the windows platform.
DescriptionThe system uses the "select I/O" model on the windows platform.
When a new connection coming, the program crashes on line 229 in file "s_dispatch.c"(version: 4.0.0-rc4), it seems that "work_except_fds" is not initialized.
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2015-12-09 10:52

administrator   ~0018896

Strange code. Line 229 is:
        if (FD_ISSET(fd, &work_except_fds))

But work_except_fds isn't set anywhere, so it's useless (and uninitialized, as the bug report says).

I always thought/assumed that on windows it was necessary to fill and check exception fd's. Is that no longer the case? Then the whole work_except_fds stuff (and except_fds) can simply be removed.
If it IS necessary... then we have a problem.


2015-12-09 10:55

administrator   ~0018897

From MSDN:


* If processing a connect call (nonblocking), connection attempt failed.
* OOB data is available for reading (only if SO_OOBINLINE is disabled).


2015-12-09 11:59

administrator   ~0018898

Thanks for the report. Should be fixed now.

[unreal40 46581f2] Windows: Fix possible crash on connect. Add error message on failed server connect (not perfect yet). Reported by Robben (0004485).

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