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0004559unrealircdpublic2016-01-31 20:50
ReportervNode1 Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.1 
Fixed in Version4.0.2 
Summary0004559: Linking
Descriptionit currently allows you to link two networks with the same name, on a testing net we linked irc.*.*
and named services irc.*.* (totally accidently tho)

the link was allowed. it didn't cause major bugs locally but third party servers wanting to /rehash experienced issues
Steps To ReproduceSet up a "services" using the same link name, create a link block with appropriate info on both sides, server merges.
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3rd party modules



2016-01-28 04:45

reporter   ~0019077

<<09:37:07>> irc.anti***.ovh (6) 001
 <<09:37:07>> `-irc.anti***.ovh(7)
 <<09:37:07>> End of /MAP
identical names.


2016-01-30 11:12

administrator   ~0019083

I'm having some difficulty reproducing this. My link gets rejected as it should.

Are all 3 servers on UnrealIRCd 4? Or some not? If not, could you specify which?
I tried one or two combinations but no luck. Probably something simple I'm overlooking...


2016-01-31 04:14

reporter   ~0019084

Any type of server that does not require a ID

such as services, I know it sounds minor but it's easy to make a mistake when you're doing multiple configs

The issue occurred when one of my clients accidently named "services.theirserver" to "irc.theirserver" it allowed the link.


2016-01-31 20:49

administrator   ~0019085

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Oh ok I got it, you need to link to the server with the same name (not to another server on the net). And indeed not use a SID (or not the same anyway), as a SID collision would already be handled earlier.

Yeah it's minor but it's silly & confusing. Fixed. Thanks for the report!

[unreal40 f7dd3ce] Fix minor linking bug which permitted a server to link in which used me::name, IF you had a link block for it. Reported by vNode1 (0004559).

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