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0004564unrealdocumentationpublic2016-01-30 11:02
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Product Version4.0.1 
Fixed in Version4.0.2 
Summary0004564: Wiki information on vhosts contains misleading pieces
DescriptionDescription of VHOST block under contains incorrect syntax, as in 4.0.1 "from { userhost <host> };" is no longer accepted. The example field listed below stating "mask { *; 192.168.*; 127.*; };" is correct, though.

Secondly, OPER block contains no information whatsoever that a parameter "vhost <mask>;" can be used and activated on oper-up.

Thirdly, the configuration syntax example under Configuration file syntax " covering the set block include an example of a "hosts {}; parameter which is no longer accepted by 4.0.1.

An end user needs to find all of this the 'dirty' way, i.e. by trial and error.
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2016-01-30 11:02

administrator   ~0019081

1) Hmm good point re from::userhost. I've searched the rest of the wiki and fixed a few other occurrences as well.

2) oper::vhost now documented

3) Ah, yeah we removed set::hosts from the documentation. I hadn't realized it was still in the section where we explain the configuration file syntax. I've come up with another example now.

Thanks for reporting these issues. This will help future users.

You can report any additional issues here, or - if you prefer - you can create a wiki account and I'll approve. It's up to you, both options are perfectly fine.

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