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0004566unrealircdpublic2016-03-04 13:56
Reporterhayek Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSCentosOS Version6 
Product Version4.0.1 
Fixed in Version4.0.2 
Summary0004566: Include blacklist match server notice into snomask
DescriptionCurrently blacklist matches are shown to IRCOps with empty snomask (-s). It is really annoying since I get bot attacks every 2min. Would be a nice feature to add an extra snomask mode to deactivate them or at least make them invisible with an empty snomask.
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2016-02-01 18:14

administrator   ~0019086

agree, separate snomask.


2016-02-01 18:15

reporter   ~0019087

I think even with a snomask dedicated it will be annoying, i suggest the old bomp style ie: matches are logged on a specific channel and in a file (By nickname "IRC" for example or whatever, i think it's will be more clear and readable.


2016-02-01 19:47

administrator   ~0019090

Well, snomasks is how we do things in UnrealIRCd. We're not going to do something completely different for this.

If you find it annoying you unset (or better: don't set) the snomask :D

We should also assign a log level to it though (for log files). I believe right now it uses connects or even errors, which obviously was just a quick hack.


2016-03-04 13:56

administrator   ~0019124

[unreal40 caa5eba] Move blacklist hits to snomask +b (new) rather than notifying all ircops. This snomask is set by default but this can be overridden via set::snomask-on-oper or oper::snomask. Suggested by hayek (0004566).

As for logging, I didn't create a separate logging class, so it's logging to 'kills' still.. which isn't too strange I think :)

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