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0004722unrealircdpublic2017-03-30 20:17
ReporterCoreDuo Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version4.0.5 
Summary0004722: /stats b is not listing the badword filters
DescriptionIt's just sending a list of the available flags again.
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3rd party modules



2016-09-29 16:21

reporter   ~0019426

I second this bug, but have a hard time calling it a bug, when the code in m_stats.c is missing for badwords all together!

 If it's a feature not addressed yet, maybe noting that in the /stats menu list would be beneficial.


2017-02-21 00:44

developer   ~0019658

Apparently this is still an issue on v4.0.11. I may whip up a patch in the next few days. =]


2017-02-21 17:08

developer   ~0019660

Turns out Syzop already has a plan for this; the censor.c module files (both umode and chmode) contain a stats_badwords() function which is supposed to be called modularly. That's also why Gumble02151 commented on relevant code missing from m_stats entirely.

So I'm not gonna work on this, my patch would probably never get accepted into the base code due to conflicts with Syzop's code. =]


2017-03-30 20:17

administrator   ~0019727

The original idea was writing a separate API for it.. rather overkill.

Instead we should just call HOOKTYPE_STATS from m_stats() with the appropriate flag. Then modules can output stuff if it's "their" flag. Easy.

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