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0004738unrealmodule apipublic2016-09-29 19:19
Reportercapitaine Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.5 
Fixed in Version4.0.7 
Summary0004738: DH parameters not loaded
DescriptionOpenSSL dh.pem is not loaded when configured.
The relative path is not recognized.

Also, it's missing in the online documentation.
Steps To ReproduceConfigure set::ssl::dh "ssl/dh.pem";
Additional Informations_conf.c :

- else if (!strcmp(cepp->ce_varname, "dh"))
- {
- ircstrdup(tempiConf.x_dh_pem, cepp->ce_vardata);
- }

+ else if (!strcmp(cepp->ce_varname, "dh"))
+ {
+ convert_to_absolute_path(&cepp->ce_vardata, CONFDIR);
+ ircstrdup(tempiConf.x_dh_pem, cepp->ce_vardata);
+ }
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2016-08-24 03:25

reporter   ~0019387

If the additional information you submitted is supposed to be a diff/commit please consider doing a Pull request of your changes on UnrealIRCd's Github page. In the comment of the pull you may reference this bug report.



2016-08-25 12:52

reporter   ~0019390

Ok I had no fork, but I did one :)


2016-08-29 09:11

administrator   ~0019396

Hi capitaine,

First of all, thank you for reporting the bug. And even better that you did a pull request :)

Now on-topic:
I would not recommend using static DH. You should use ECDHE instead, which is also DH but "ephemeral", in other words: temporary, a key is generated for every connection. ECDHE is supported by UnrealIRCd 4 out of the box (by default). One important thing is that ECDHE supports Forward Secrecy (PFS) and static DH does not.

So, your bug report is valid, and the relative-path fix too, but... taking it one step further:
Perhaps we should remove DH support? Because people may think it's more secure, while in fact it isn't.
Or print a warning on launch/rehash.


2016-08-29 12:19

reporter   ~0019398

Ok it makes sense. Yes, I thought DH params could increasing ECDHE security,
but I see now the difference between static and elliptic key.

The warning is a good idea. It looks like a static key of 2048+ is not yet discouraged.
But evolution is so fast, and I've always had my connections negociated to ECDHE on Unreal 4, so I guess not many people would contest removing the DH params.


2016-09-26 18:08

administrator   ~0019419

Last edited: 2016-09-26 18:22

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Hi capitaine,

It seems I was slightly confused. There are not just 2 DH variations but more: static DH, DHE, ADH, AECDH, ECDHE, ..

Anyway, we tend to favor ECDHE at UnrealIRCd because it is lightweight (it only adds little CPU %) and the most modern one.

If you have a dh.pem file you will enable DHE support, something I previously didn't mention. And DHE provides forward secrecy.
That being said, DHE was affected by vulnerabilities like Logjam (which doesn't affect you as you said you used a 2048+ key).
Also I saw this when reading up about it, Chromium intending to remove DHE support:!topic/security-dev/dYyhKHPnrI0
"Intent to deprecate: DHE-based cipher suites"
Also fun fact: "DHE today is only negotiated for 2% of connections by Chrome"

So I don't think we should advertise too much about support for it, but it wasn't as bad as I told you earlier :D

I'll commit your fix, though.


2016-09-29 19:19

administrator   ~0019429

Thanks for the report & patch, fixed now.

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