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0004779unrealinstallingpublic2016-11-17 10:04
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
OSFreeBSDOS Version11 
Product Version4.0.8.4 
Summary0004779: UnrealIRCd does not compile --with-system-cares
DescriptionA user reports he is unable to compile UnrealIRCd. He uses --with-system-tre --with-system-pcre2 --with-system-cares on FreeBSD 11.x
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3rd party modules



2016-11-16 18:42

administrator   ~0019527

Seems build breaks with --with-system-cares. Then again, this option should no longer be specified since the default is autodetect (and use it if usable).

Also may have been a simple lack of pkg-config on the system. Checking...


2016-11-16 18:54

administrator   ~0019528

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It's simple: --with-system-cares always breaks the build.
Bug in configure script


2016-11-17 10:04

administrator   ~0019532

[unreal40 60d14e7] Fix broken build --with-system-cares. Specifying this option is no longer useful as it is the default in 4.0.8+. However, it shouldn't break the build if specified. Fixed damn silly reversed logic at a few places that caused this...

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