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0004816unrealircdpublic2016-12-27 20:26
Reportersyzop Assigned Tosyzop  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version4.0.10 
Summary0004816: +D bugs
DescriptionThere seem to be a few bugs in the delayjoin module.

One is a join for people who have not spoken (see Additional Information below, though I guess it's from the wrong perspective [user himself])

Another one is you see QUIT's for people who have not JOIN'ed. I think this latter is simply not handled by +D in a special way at all, it will always send QUIT's for everyone. It would have to track a new property "has user X seen user Y in any channel". That would be fun.
Additional Information[2016/12/18 - 4:39:24PM] * Adam ( has joined #unreal-devel
[2016/12/18 - 4:39:24PM] <Adam> I guess +D is what is going on with my client, but irssi keeps complaining about it getting quits from this network for clients that arent in any common channels, and it doesnt like it
[2016/12/18 - 6:07:41PM] * Cronus ( has joined #unreal-devel
[2016/12/18 - 6:07:41PM] <Cronus> shame
[2016/12/18 - 7:07:23PM] * KindOne ( has joined #unreal-devel
[2016/12/18 - 8:26:54PM] * Jobe ( has joined #unreal-devel
[2016/12/18 - 8:26:54PM] <Jobe> Adam, sounds like a bug to me
[2016/12/18 - 8:27:17PM] <Jobe> with +D you should only see PART/KICK/QUIT for users who youve seen in the NAMES replies or have received a JOIN for
[2016/12/18 - 8:29:47PM] <Adam> of course
[2016/12/18 - 8:31:57PM] <Erik> hrm
[2016/12/18 - 8:32:09PM] <Erik> i see adam's join right before he spoke, same with you Jobe
[2016/12/18 - 8:32:19PM] <Erik> but i see a join for KindOne but he hasnt spoken
[2016/12/18 - 8:32:39PM] * KindOne ( has joined #unreal-devel
[2016/12/18 - 8:32:39PM] <KindOne> wat
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2016-12-22 09:14

administrator   ~0019562

Adam made a pull request
Unfortunately he did not mention what he fixed exactly ("make it not send garbage at clients"). He also did not mention what he didn't fix ("it still doesn't really work").


2016-12-27 20:26

administrator   ~0019572

Mode +D should be OK now. If not, please report!

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