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0004894unrealircdpublic2017-03-13 08:35
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Product Version4.0.10 
Summary0004894: Channels user count and the user count displayed in /LIST are different.
DescriptionI'm not sure if its intentional or an oversight, but when joining #unreal-support, I noticed there were only 17 clients. To me, this seemed a lot less than usual, on issuing /LIST to make sure I was in the right channel, I noticed LIST says there are 67 users in the channel.

#unreal-support also has +D (delayjoin) set, so there are obviously 67 people, 50 of whom haven't spoke since they joined.
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2017-03-13 08:35

administrator   ~0019688

That is true. The user count in LIST is the real user count, it can be more than the users you are currently seeing.

I've no plans to change this as the purpose of delay join is "delaying joins" and not "hiding of users" or that kind of things. (Strictly speaking the real user count is also the real amount of users :D)

Similarly you can /WHOIS a user and see (s)he is in #somechan in /WHOIS but still don't see that user in the nicklist (NAMES).

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