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0004909unrealircdpublic2019-12-28 09:43
ReporterPeGaSuS Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformUnixOSUbuntuOS Version16.04 LTS
Target Version4.2.0Fixed in Version4.2.0 
Summary0004909: Extended ban on type "extbans/textban" not working properly on words with dots
DescriptionI've set an extbans/textban with "/mode #chan +b ~T:censor:*moreno.sexy9*", but if someone types it, it appears on channel like: <censored>.sexy9

I don't know if it's the "dot" part that breaks the censoring, or if the censor needs to escape de "dot" somehow.

Since it's a channel mode that can be used to prevent spam in a per channel basis, i've set severity to major.
Steps To Reproducea) Enter a channel
b) Type: /mode #chan +b ~T:censor:*moreno.sexy9*
c) Type moreno.sexy9 with another user and send the message to the channel
d) It should appear on channel like: <censored>.sexy9
Additional InformationI've attached a printscreen of the issue.
Tagsbug, channel, CHMODE
3rd party modules



2017-03-27 11:16


censor_bug.jpg (151,858 bytes)


2017-03-27 11:38

administrator   ~0019718

I believe the dot is seen as a 'word separator', which causes it to be confused.

I'll have a look at fixing it this week. Thanks :)


2018-06-30 18:57

reporter   ~0020182

Any news about this bug?


2018-07-14 16:40

administrator   ~0020200

I was supposed to look at this *add to list*


2018-09-02 12:37

administrator   ~0020252

Note: this module will be loaded by default in 4.0.19 so I should definitely take a look at this.


2018-09-02 21:57

administrator   ~0020256

Fixed in 4.0.19.

Full explanation:
The dot is a 'word separator'. If you for example censor 'xyz' and someone writes 'i like xyz.i hate zzz' then it will transformed to 'i like <censored>.i hate zzz' and not (if dot would not be a word separator) 'i like <censored> hate zzz' which would be confusing.
So the dot being a word separator is not going to change...

BUT.. if the dot is part of the 'word to be blocked' (in your case 'moreno.sexy9') then that part should obviously be skipped/censored.. that was what this bug report is about.. and that is what it does from now on :)

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