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0004910unrealircdpublic2017-11-08 12:07
ReporterGottem Assigned Tosyzop  
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Platformx86_64OSDebianOS Version7 (wheezy)
Product Version4.0.10 
Summary0004910: Never spamfilter messages _to_ U:Lines
DescriptionIn some cases people might be trying to register with NickServ using a legitimate email address that would trip a spamfilter (happened on my net). So I'd say sending messages _to_ U:Lines should never go through a spamfilter (much like aliases work but also for /msg nickserv etc). A lot of other people will probably agree as well.

So, check the attachment for a nice lil patch. =]
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2017-03-27 18:38



2017-11-01 09:59

administrator   ~0019936

With aliases we have some option to turn spam filtering on or off, indeed.
This because spam filter could be useful for things like /MS (MemoServ)
I agree with you with regards to NickServ, though. Not to mention another issue which is that it could show the password in the spamfilter +S snomask message :D

I'm wondering what's the best approach here. Have my doubts if we should really not filter to all U-lines. I don't want to fix 'your' problem and by doing that reintroduce another, graver one :)

Another possibility would be to have a list of nicks that are exempt as spamfilter target, and include "NickServ" there as default.


2017-11-01 18:48

developer   ~0019950

Yeah I realise you don't wanna introduce additional problems. :D

I thought to have a (few) new config var(s) that will allow you to exclude either NickServ only or all U:Lines. But perhaps an "except spamfilter" block is better, also because some people may not be using Anope or have renamed NickServ.

Or do a hybrid and have an option to turn off filtering messages to U:Lines altogether, as well as the except spamfilter { }. =]

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