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0004949unrealircdpublic2017-10-11 18:29
ReporterMewsito Assigned Tosyzop  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0.11 
Fixed in Version4.0.16 
Summary0004949: user mode -r
DescriptionFirst of all, I'm sorry for English ... I'm Spanish ... and this is translated

When a user identifies himself before the services, they send a SVS2MODE X +r
* services.server sets mode: +r

When this user changes nick, the services send a SVS2MODE X -r

But the user does not receive the warning from the server, and it stays like it has + r although it does not really have it, if it is done a COMMAND it is seen that it does not have the mode r
Steps To ReproduceEasy
send a SVS2MODE X +r
and then a SVS2MODE X -r

X = nick of user
Tagsmode, nick
3rd party modules



2017-05-12 17:51

reporter   ~0019771

COMMAND in the last line is /whois X


2017-10-11 18:29

administrator   ~0019925

Thanks for the report.

UnrealIRCd does the -r when you nick-change, but it didn't show it.
Then, by the time the SVS2MODE or SVSMODE -r was received it would not show it again since it was already unste.

The change in the code is that UnrealIRCd will now show the -r. No need to send a SVSMODE/SVS2MODE for it.

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