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0004951unrealircdpublic2017-11-08 12:17
ReporterGottemAssigned Tosyzop 
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Platformx86_64OSDebianOS Version7 (wheezy)
Product Version4.0.11 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0004951: Removal of operclass leaves memory leak
DescriptionWhen you remove an operclass from the config and rehash, it seems to be still there. It requires a restart to fully flush it. I noticed this when I used a loop very similar to the one under "Additional Information".
Steps To ReproduceAdd operclass to config:

operclass gottemtest {
        parent netadmin;
        privileges {
                // Can be left empty, results in the same anyways

Then rehash, remove the operclass block and rehash again.
Additional InformationLoop used (quick and dirty):

for(oper = conf_oper; oper; oper = (ConfigItem_oper *)oper->next) {
    if((operclass = Find_operclass(oper->operclass)))
        config_warn("OPERCLASS: %s", operclass->classStruct->name);
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2017-05-30 05:51


I would imagine that this occurs because some opers might still be using that operclass (if they haven't signed off since its removal or use a bouncer).

That is just my guess, however.


2017-05-30 20:58

developer   ~0019781

After some checking, that seems to be the case yeah. Never mind then. :>

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